Business Planning

44% of business failures can be attributed to a lack of effective and executable strategic planning.


It is imperative that a business has a thorough and robust plan to enable it to prioritise its efforts, evaluate opportunities and to set objectives. And of course, a business plan is required to effectively set budgets, manage cash flows and just as importantly, to secure finance.

A sound strategic plan enables a business to ready itself for the future and assists in identifying what skills and human resources will be required to capture these future market opportunities. And finally, a sound plan supports the sharing of the business vision and the company’s strategic direction to ensure full engagement of all team members.


At Go2.4Business we take time to understand your business and its needs. We will then combine this understanding with over 60 years of management experience to develop the right plan for your business. And you can be certain your new plan won’t be a generic template or straight out of text book.

Go2.4Business will individually tailor a plan to address the unique needs that each business unit has. And, we will also guide you through plan implementation, design measures to track its success and add value by working with you along the way to deliver the success you seek.

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