Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales people are a significant investment for any organisation. They are the hunters and gatherers of new business and the providers of revenue.


“How do I get a bigger share of wallet?”

Your Sales people are a major touch point for your customers and are a key representative of your business and your brand. They are hugely influential on revenue streams and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is, in turn, hugely influential on repeat business, on upsells, on cross sales, referrals and again on revenues.

Improving sales effectiveness is not just a sales function issue, it is a business issue as it requires complete consistent collaboration from the entire business. Sales will not be completely effective if any part of the business is not functioning to capacity, and if there is not a business wide programme of continuous improvement. Focus must be on building the knowledge, clarity of messages, the skills and strategies that Sales people need to use as they work their sales opportunities to ultimately earn the sales on the right terms and in the right timeframes.

However, “what is the most effective way in managing a sales force?”, whether they be one or one hundred, is a fundamental question asked by many business owner and operators.


At Go2.4Business we will analyse your sales skills and practices, your customer and product (service) mix, see where the gaps and opportunities are and set appropriate plans and actions in place that deliver increased business. Whether it be the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, determining “quote v sales” conversions, call rates, effectiveness of clue spotting and follow up, closing deals or setting incentives, Go2.4Business has the skills and experience that will improve your sales force effectiveness.

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